Generates 101 NPCs' personalities for roleplaying games. Populate a village, spice up a dull encounter, create a stock list of characters, never be lost for an interesting NPC again!
Note, the data and process will be improved when I get time.

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Ideal for Dungeon Masters of Dungeon & Dragons games and other fantasy roleplaying games.

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1Violent : Warlike. Virgin.
motto : Work for someone of questionable character.
2Optimistic : Cheerful. Talks to animals.
motto : Don't take good friends for granted.
3Argumentative : Hot-tempered. Prefers solitude.
motto : Try to stay calm and see things through no matter how big a challenge gets.
4Careless : Dreamy. Graceless.
motto : Try to discipline with a gentle hand.
5Careless : Dreamy. Gloomy.
motto : Be humble and polite, but stop anyone push you around.
6Quiet : Secretive. Has no teeth.
motto : Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
7Exacting : Stern. Very hairy.
motto : Try to make the punishment fit the crime.
8Argumentative : Hot-tempered. Harsh.
motto : Don't expect your love alone to change someone.
9Careless : Insensitive. Has an identical twin.
motto : Never be ashamed of honest tears.
10Suspicious : Deceitful. Has a prominent scar on shoulder..
motto : Always follow your own star.
11Uncivilized : Boorish. Mixes words up.
motto : Let some things remain mysterious.
12Quiet : Secretive. Suffers from a long term illness.
motto : Practice what you preach.
13Uncivilized : Barbaric. Scheming.
motto : Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses.
14Suspicious : Scheming. Has no teeth.
motto : Get to market early.
15Pessimistic : Depressing. Speaks in poetry.
motto : One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after.
16Argumentative : Antagonistic. Hot-tempered.
motto : Don't become judge and jury.
17Suspicious : Scheming. Neat.
motto : There's nothing so bad but it might have been worse.
18Na´ve : Honest. Barbaric.
motto : Always put something in the collection plate.
19Courage : Obsequious. Miserly.
motto : Decide to do nothing just because you can only do a little.
20Exacting : Stern. Repeats self in coversations.
motto : Never go looking for trouble.
21Quiet : Mousy. Cautious.
motto : Try to keep your private thoughts private.
22Moody : Vengeful. Immoral.
motto : Try to make decisions in concert with your values.
23Uncivilized : Uncultured. Intellectual.
motto : Leave your best jewellry at home.
24Violent : Cruel. Extravagant.
motto : The sun loses nothing by shining into a puddle.
25Exacting : Driven. Alcoholic.
motto : There's nothing so bad but it might have been worse.
26Courage : Obsequious. Intellectual.
motto : Tell tales out of school.
27Greedy : Avaricious. Antagonistic.
motto : Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
28Friendly : Forgiving. Always chewing.
motto : Never apologize for extreme measures when defending your values.
29Sober : Ponderous. Fearless.
motto : Don't judge people by their relatives.
30Quiet : Secretive. Plays with hair.
motto : Don't be a person who says "Ready, Fire, Aim".
31Arrogant : Rude. Wears clothes a size too large.
motto : Never sell yourself short.
32Uncivilized : Boorish. Cruel.
motto : Do the right thing, regardless of what others think.
33Generous : Spendthrift. Truthful.
motto : Don't give away the ending of a good story.
34Friendly : Easy-going. Uses hands to emphasis speech.
motto : Love makes the world go round.
35Careless : No common sense. Garrulous.
motto : Go somewhere you have never been before.
36Generous : Charitable. Never been more than a few miles from home.
motto : Don't let anyone push you around.
37Generous : Wastrel. Sports enthusiast.
motto : Try to be your shrewd and #energtic self.
38Quiet : Mousy. Repeats self in coversations.
motto : Always follow someone with a calm reputation's advice.
39Capricious : Mischievous. Hide-bound.
motto : Always volunteer to help in your community.
40Capricious : Mischievous. Only deals with local people. Are you local?.
motto : Always reject and condemn prejudice based on race, gender, religion or age.
41Suspicious : Scheming. Dresses in furs.
motto : Never believe all you hear.
42Sober : Reverent. Accompanied by Immoral uncle.
motto : Try to push yourself to the limit.
43Arrogant : Rude. Perfectionist.
motto : Don't cut corners.
44Arrogant : Aloof. Pauses to think for a long time in conversations.
motto : Try to take immediate steps to correct a mistake.
45Argumentative : Articulate. Overbearing.
motto : Don't be so concerned with your rights that you forget your manners.
46Arrogant : Rude. Plays with hair.
motto : Keep no more cats than catch mice.
47Arrogant : Aloof. Mischievous.
motto : Try to get involved in local government.
48Courage : Brave. Pleasant.
motto : Never put all your eggs in one basket.
49Curious : Keen. Practical.
motto : Always ignore to your critics.
50Uncivilized : Boorish. Narrow-minded.
motto : Never think that waiting will make your obstacles grow smaller.
51Capricious : Impulsive. Speaks slowly.
motto : Don't let weeds grow around your dreams.
52Sober : Reverent. Stares.
motto : Think twice before you decide not to charge for some work you have done.
53Careless : Dreamy. Kind.
motto : Always spend some time alone.
54Capricious : Lusty. Harsh.
motto : Don't betray a confidence.
55Friendly : Forgiving. Driven.
motto : Always have your say.
56Courage : Fearless. Easy-going.
motto : Always ask yourself some questions.
57Courage : Shy. Acts like a character in a Action / Adventure.
motto : Say no before you've heard the whole story.
58Courage : Shy. Avaricious.
motto : Always be ruthlessly realistic.
59Curious : Inquisitive. Plays with hair.
motto : Let weeds grow around your dreams.
60Generous : Charitable. Has a secret fantasy : Ambush.
motto : A strong sense of duty imprisons you.
61Courage : Obsequious. Avaricious.
motto : Try to make sure you are on the committee.
62Careless : Dreamy. Close to family.
motto : Never take what you can't use.
63Quiet : Mousy. Prefers solitude.
motto : Expect the best gifts to come wrapped in pretty paper.
64Argumentative : Hot-tempered. Inquisitive.
motto : Set a thief to catch a thief.
65Optimistic : Pleasant. Wastrel.
motto : Talk slowly but think quickly.
66Greedy : Covetous. Kind-hearted.
motto : Don't outlive your money.
67Generous : Charitable. Despises anyone who is Gloomy.
motto : Always stay calm and see things through no matter how big a challenge gets.
68Arrogant : Proud. Constantly turns head as if listening to things.
motto : Don't tell tales out of school.
69Quiet : Soft-spoken. Always scratching.
motto : Utter a threat without intend to back it up.
70Pessimistic : Depressing. Loves the outdoor life.
motto : Accidents will happen.
71Suspicious : Nervous. Hide-bound.
motto : Don't confuse mere inconveniences with real problems.
72Uncivilized : Graceless. Vengeful.
motto : Live and learn.
73Suspicious : Scheming. Well known for being skilled at a trade..
motto : Calm is more conducive to creativity than is anxiety.
74Quiet : Secretive. Has gap between teeth.
motto : Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
75Courage : Shy. Tanned.
motto : Don't cross the bridge before you come to it.
76Exacting : Harsh. Garrulous.
motto : Try to expect a sudden change in plans.
77Argumentative : Articulate. Reads a lot.
motto : Become judge and jury.
78Suspicious : Scheming. Picks nose.
motto : Make sure your tax records are impeccable.
79Moody : Compulsive. Vegetarian.
motto : Try to be more diplomatic with treasure.
80Greedy : Covetous. Mousy.
motto : Let weeds grow around your dreams.
81Pessimistic : Realistic. Harsh.
motto : Never sign a contract.
82Na´ve : Hick. Reverent.
motto : Try to be humble and polite, but stop anyone push you around.
83Greedy : Miserly. Hot-tempered.
motto : Never judge what you don't understand.
84Suspicious : Deceitful. Vegetarian.
motto : Never give away the ending of a good story.
85Courage : Brave. Ponderous.
motto : Throw pearls before swine.
86Courage : Fearless. Has an artificial shin..
motto : Every picture tells a story.
87Opinionated : Bigoted. Prefers exotic food.
motto : Always live and learn.
88Courage : Craven. Cruel.
motto : Never underestimate the time it takes to do something.
89Na´ve : Gullible. Foolhardy.
motto : Let weeds grow around your dreams.
90Moody : Compulsive. Brave.
motto : Softly, softly catchee monkey.
91Generous : Kind. Loves the outdoor life.
motto : Choose the lesser of two evils.
92Sober : Ponderous. Dreamy.
motto : Give a sucker and even break.
93Curious : Keen. Compulsive.
motto : Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.
94Courage : Fearless. Vengeful.
motto : Always react with class, regardless of the situation.
95Uncivilized : Barbaric. Has visions.
motto : Don't think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with gold.
96Capricious : Madcap. Dreamy.
motto : It is easy to be wise after the event.
97Pessimistic : Depressing. Lusty.
motto : A bad workman blames his tools.
98Optimistic : Diplomatic. Younger than appears.
motto : Don't underestimate the time it takes to do something.
99Uncivilized : Boorish. Happy.
motto : Always see things others miss.
100Capricious : Impulsive. Forgiving.
motto : Don't confuse wealth with success.
101Capricious : Lusty. Fearless.
motto : Never let anyone push you around.