Generates 101 NPCs' personalities for roleplaying games. Populate a village, spice up a dull encounter, create a stock list of characters, never be lost for an interesting NPC again!
Note, the data and process will be improved when I get time.

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Ideal for Dungeon Masters of Dungeon & Dragons games and other fantasy roleplaying games.

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1Na´ve : Honest. Elitist.
motto : Never be ashamed of laughter that's too loud.
2Na´ve : Innocent. Trusting.
motto : Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
3Capricious : Madcap. Compulsive.
motto : A sense of timing is the mark of genius.
4Argumentative : Articulate. Happy.
motto : Always learn to say no.
5Careless : Thoughtless. Immoral.
motto : Always hold yourself to the highest standards.
6Friendly : Kind-hearted. Frowns all the time.
motto : Don't fret about the future of treasure.
7Pessimistic : Realistic. Happy.
motto : As you sow, so you reap.
8Moody : Irritable. Charitable.
motto : Old sins cast long shadows.
9Na´ve : Honest. Crude.
motto : The more things change, the more they stay the same.
10Arrogant : Elitist. Very religious.
motto : Don't remind someone of a kindness or act of generosity you have shown them.
11Quiet : Mousy. Overbearing.
motto : Follow your own star.
12Curious : Prying. Harsh.
motto : Never think you can relax your way to happiness.
13Friendly : Trusting. Narrow-minded.
motto : Always travel and see new places, but remember to take along an open mind.
14Uncivilized : Barbaric. Dull senses.
motto : Live and learn.
15Pessimistic : Realistic. Phobia of spiders.
motto : Don't let weeds grow around your dreams.
16Pessimistic : Cynical. Only deals with local people. Are you local?.
motto : Never speak ill of the dead.
17Optimistic : Pleasant. Truthful.
motto : Don't be a person who says "Ready, Fire, Aim".
18Curious : Perceptive. Cruel.
motto : Routine is a link with the past.
19Exacting : Punctual. Has wanderlust.
motto : Be ashamed of your patriotism.
20Friendly : Easy-going. Does not believe in the supernatural.
motto : One good turn deserves another.
21Suspicious : Deceitful. Antagonistic.
motto : Don't be a person who says "Ready, Fire, Aim".
22Pessimistic : Realistic. Very hairy.
motto : Try to be gentle with the world.
23Curious : Intellectual. Practical.
motto : Never take good friends for granted.
24Courage : Obsequious. Fasting.
motto : Believe all you hear.
25Friendly : Forgiving. Irritable.
motto : Try to discipline with a gentle hand.
26Exacting : Stern. Madcap.
motto : Never be ashamed of singing that's too joyful.
27Na´ve : Gullible. Ponderous.
motto : Keep in the rhythm.
28Generous : Extravagant. Keen.
motto : Never cut off your nose to spite your face.
29Courage : Shy. Stern.
motto : Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
30Exacting : Driven. Cheerful.
motto : Always make allowances for friends imperfections.
31Uncivilized : Graceless. Immoral.
motto : Those who hesitate are lost.
32Friendly : Kind-hearted. Sickly.
motto : Waste time waiting for inspiration.
33Capricious : Mischievous. Only deals with people of same religion.
motto : Always give people more than they expect.
34Na´ve : Honest. Madcap.
motto : Spend all you have.
35Uncivilized : Crude. Searching for lost cloak.
motto : Pride feels no pain.
36Friendly : Trusting. Dresses wrong for the weather.
motto : Watch your attitude.
37Curious : Keen. Has startlingly grey hair..
motto : A strong sense of duty imprisons you.
38Na´ve : Truthful. Slobbish.
motto : Always turn enemies into friends by doing something nice for them.
39Pessimistic : Fatalistic. Spendthrift.
motto : Never risk what you can't afford to lose.
40Curious : Keen. Wears old, dusty clothing.
motto : Push yourself to the limit.
41Pessimistic : Fatalistic. Spendthrift.
motto : Be lead by peer pressure.
42Curious : Perceptive. Perfectionist.
motto : Try to make allowances for friends imperfections.
43Careless : Absent-minded. Deceitful.
motto : Don't think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with gold.
44Uncivilized : Boorish. Stares.
motto : Never sign a contract.
45Violent : Warlike. Madcap.
motto : Don't let go of your values.
46Exacting : Harsh. Thrifty.
motto : Give a sucker an even break.
47Arrogant : Haughty. Artistic.
motto : Think twice before you accept the lowest bid.
48Generous : Spendthrift. Survived torture.
motto : Swap your integrity for money, power, or fame.
49Friendly : Trusting. Refers to self by own name.
motto : Say no when you mean it.
50Uncivilized : Crude. Always chewing.
motto : Always remember your responsibilities when declaring your rights.
51Courage : Obsequious. Warlike.
motto : Confuse wealth with success.
52Quiet : Laconic. Speaks in poetry.
motto : Always apologize immediatetly when you lose your temper.
53Greedy : Thrifty. Thrifty.
motto : Never work for someone of questionable character.
54Argumentative : Hot-tempered. Forgiving.
motto : Admit when you are lost and ask for directions.
55Exacting : Punctual. Wears old, dusty clothing.
motto : Try to say no when you mean no.
56Opinionated : Bigoted. Wastrel.
motto : Remember your responsibilities when declaring your rights.
57Arrogant : Haughty. Dull.
motto : Never betray a confidence.
58Courage : Craven. Proud.
motto : Try to see things others miss.
59Friendly : Kind-hearted. Hugs trees.
motto : Don't break a family tradition.
60Arrogant : Elitist. Insensitive.
motto : Look a gift horse in the mouth.
61Moody : Irritable. Heavily tattooed.
motto : Never take good friends for granted.
62Curious : Prying. Has greasy hair.
motto : Try to make sure you are on the committee.
63Argumentative : Hot-tempered. Always scratching.
motto : Never cross the bridge before you come to it.
64Greedy : Covetous. Inquisitive.
motto : Think that waiting will make your obstacles grow smaller.
65Violent : Jealous. Lisps.
motto : Always learn to walk before you run.
66Uncivilized : Uncultured. Practical.
motto : Always learn all you can about a new subject.
67Arrogant : Haughty. Ponderous.
motto : People who go crazy are too sensitive.
68Greedy : Hard-hearted. Always scratching.
motto : Don't fix what isn't broken.
69Curious : Perceptive. Irreverent.
motto : Always keep a diary of your accomplishments.
70Generous : Charitable. Never been more than a few miles from home.
motto : Try to encourage someone who is trying to improve mentally, physically, or spiritually.
71Quiet : Retiring. Has wanderlust.
motto : Never count your chickens before they are hatched.
72Moody : Vengeful. Wears clothes a size too large.
motto : Always take responsibility for your actions.
73Greedy : Covetous. Pleasant.
motto : Money is the root of all evil.
74Violent : Jealous. Coughs a lot.
motto : Don't outlive your money.
75Exacting : Punctual. Addicted to a healing herb.
motto : Answer the easy questions first.
76Quiet : Mousy. Wants to start a new life.
motto : Don't interrupt when you are being flattered.
77Opinionated : Bigoted. Elitist.
motto : You can't expect people to be something they're not.
78Careless : Dreamy. Thoughtless.
motto : Never buy into someone else's trouble.
79Suspicious : Paranoid. Has a secret fantasy : Fine print.
motto : Always give the price of a night out to charity.
80Na´ve : Innocent. Keen.
motto : Never sell yourself short.
81Violent : Cruel. Avaricious.
motto : Never be a person who says "Ready, Fire, Aim".
82Uncivilized : Graceless. Has no sense of humour.
motto : Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
83Generous : Spendthrift. Fidgets.
motto : You should study as much as possible.
84Quiet : Soft-spoken. Has an identical twin.
motto : Throw enough dirt, and some will stick.
85Arrogant : Aloof. Always accompanied by Trusting father.
motto : Try to judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
86Greedy : Hard-hearted. Very intelligent.
motto : Don't take good friends for granted.
87Na´ve : Innocent. Uses a staff to walk.
motto : Try to look for ways to make your boss look good.
88Optimistic : Cheerful. Keeps hand on weapon.
motto : Let your face show it when feeling wonderful.
89Quiet : Mousy. Winks a lot.
motto : Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.
90Greedy : Avaricious. Uses foul language.
motto : Never be too proud to ask for help.
91Optimistic : Pleasant. Alcoholic.
motto : What they eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.
92Uncivilized : Uncultured. Whittles wood in spare time.
motto : Never remind someone of a kindness or act of generosity you have shown them.
93Careless : Thoughtless. Easy-going.
motto : Try to leave your best jewellry at home.
94Moody : Compulsive. Has warts.
motto : Always be more diplomatic with prayer.
95Sober : Ponderous. Inspires mistrust in others.
motto : Sell yourself short.
96Careless : Thoughtless. Bites nails (or claws).
motto : Underestimate the time it takes to do something.
97Moody : Gloomy. Madcap.
motto : Resort to name-calling.
98Optimistic : Foolhardy. Morose.
motto : Try to be wary of the life empty of ambitions.
99Generous : Wastrel. Spendthrift.
motto : Don't get too big for your boots.
100Friendly : Compassionate. Has a phobia of lanterns.
motto : Tell tales out of school.
101Violent : Sadistic. Well known for being skilled at a trade..
motto : Never believe all you hear.