Generates 101 NPCs' personalities for roleplaying games. Populate a village, spice up a dull encounter, create a stock list of characters, never be lost for an interesting NPC again!
Note, the data and process will be improved when I get time.

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Ideal for Dungeon Masters of Dungeon & Dragons games and other fantasy roleplaying games.

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1Sober : Reverent. Haughty.
motto : Try to make sure you are on the committee.
2Sober : Dull. Barbaric.
motto : Always admit when you are lost and ask for directions.
3Greedy : Miserly. Boorish.
motto : Interrupt when you are being flattered.
4Pessimistic : Depressing. Smokes a pipe.
motto : Be willing to lower your price to get something else of greater value.
5Uncivilized : Crude. Immoral.
motto : Never let go of your values.
6Exacting : Perfectionist. Obsequious.
motto : Practice what you preach.
7Friendly : Compassionate. Cruel.
motto : Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
8Arrogant : Aloof. Addicted to a healing herb.
motto : Always employ people more for their judgement than their talents.
9Uncivilized : Barbaric. Craven.
motto : Always do something you don want to.
10Pessimistic : Realistic. Talks to inanimate objects.
motto : Always follow your own star.
11Quiet : Mousy. Virgin.
motto : Don't think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with gold.
12Sober : Reverent. Lusty.
motto : Start every day with the most important thing you have to do.
13Violent : Jealous. Speaks with heavy accent.
motto : Always keep a diary of your accomplishments.
14Greedy : Hard-hearted. Tanned.
motto : Think before you say yes to someone.
15Exacting : Harsh. Uncultured.
motto : Cut corners.
16Argumentative : Garrulous. Kind-hearted.
motto : Learn to save money, even on a small income.
17Careless : Thoughtless. Retiring.
motto : Always read between the lines.
18Moody : Morose. Inspires loyalty in others.
motto : Never be so concerned with your rights that you forget your manners.
19Quiet : Retiring. Winks a lot.
motto : Always live and let live.
20Greedy : Hard-hearted. Mousy.
motto : Swap your integrity for money, power, or fame.
21Quiet : Laconic. Clumsy.
motto : Believe in love at fist sight.
22Argumentative : Overbearing. Brave.
motto : Try to work out why certain people are even being given some space in your life.
23Capricious : Impulsive. Always chewing.
motto : Don't "borrow" so much as a copper piece from your friends.
24Exacting : Perfectionist. Has recently fallen in love..
motto : Never become judge and jury.
25Suspicious : Nervous. Clumsy.
motto : Try to make sure your work enriches your spirit at well as your purse.
26Generous : Spendthrift. Never uses contractions.
motto : Give a sucker an even break.
27Curious : Prying. Has own rules of logic which don't match most peoples.
motto : Never cut off your nose to spite your face.
28Curious : Perceptive. Perceptive.
motto : Never interrupt when you are being flattered.
29Arrogant : Aloof. Hick.
motto : Don't take good friends for granted.
30Exacting : Harsh. Absent-minded.
motto : Have a place for everything, and everything in it's place.
31Suspicious : Scheming. On the run from criminals.
motto : Always stay calm and see things through no matter how big a challenge gets.
32Optimistic : Cheerful. Ugly.
motto : Don't fret about the future of life.
33Moody : Gloomy. Irritable.
motto : Only the good die young.
34Na´ve : Honest. Has greasy hair.
motto : Always do what you want instead of what you should.
35Uncivilized : Barbaric. Kind-hearted.
motto : Be gentle with the world.
36Sober : Reverent. Hide-bound.
motto : Ignorance is bliss.
37Generous : Spendthrift. Fasting.
motto : Never fix what isn't broken.
38Optimistic : Diplomatic. Wastrel.
motto : Do your homework and know your facts.
39Pessimistic : Depressing. Very thin.
motto : Try to get involved in local government.
40Optimistic : Cheerful. Immoral.
motto : Try to hand over responsibility for some decisions.
41Arrogant : Proud. Workaholic.
motto : Don't be ashamed of laughter that's too loud.
42Generous : Charitable. Secretive.
motto : Don't speak ill of the dead.
43Suspicious : Scheming. Eats raw meat.
motto : Spend all you have.
44Optimistic : Happy. Being persecuted by Bureaucrat
Unless players manage to bribe this official, he will cause all manner of delays at an important point in the quest. Generous : Charitable. Dreamy..
motto : Those that go a-borrowing, go a-sorrowing.
45Careless : Dreamy. Irreverent.
motto : Try to bite off more than you can chew.
46Violent : Warlike. Mischievous.
motto : Always learn the rules - then break some.
47Moody : Gloomy. Reverent.
motto : Always think before you say yes to someone.
48Uncivilized : Boorish. Mischievous.
motto : Be a person who says "Ready, Fire, Aim".
49Violent : Sadistic. Hard-hearted.
motto : People are boring unless they are extremists.
50Friendly : Forgiving. Keeps looking over shoulder.
motto : Try to slow down.
51Curious : Perceptive. Enslaved by another.
motto : Always aim high.
52Friendly : Compassionate. Refuses to use magic of any kind.
motto : Don't spend all you have.
53Greedy : Covetous. Depressing.
motto : Spend time with the music you love.
54Opinionated : Blustering. Well known for being skilled at a trade..
motto : Try to discipline with a gentle hand.
55Uncivilized : Barbaric. Fearless.
motto : Discipline with a gentle hand.
56Generous : Charitable. Slurred speech.
motto : Always go somewhere you have never been before.
57Sober : Dull. Dull.
motto : Try to learn the rules - then break some.
58Careless : Dreamy. Overbearing.
motto : Lightning never strikes twice.
59Pessimistic : Depressing. Constantly checking own appearance in mirrors, ponds etc..
motto : Try to follow a foreign-sounding pal you see at ERROR - no such table : luck_place's advice.
60Friendly : Easy-going. Suffers from hallucinations.
motto : Try to think twice before you decide not to charge for some work you have done.
61Arrogant : Aloof. Searching for lost robe.
motto : Laugh at anyone's dreams.
62Na´ve : Honest. Prudish.
motto : See things others miss.
63Careless : Insensitive. Forgiving.
motto : Judge people by their relatives.
64Opinionated : Narrow-minded. Mousy.
motto : Overlook the small joys while looking for the big ones.
65Friendly : Easy-going. Runs everywhere.
motto : Don't confuse wealth with success.
66Quiet : Secretive. Nocturnal.
motto : Never interrupt when you are being flattered.
67Argumentative : Articulate. Prying.
motto : Buy the best you can afford.
68Na´ve : Hick. Deceitful.
motto : Never laugh at anyone's dreams.
69Pessimistic : Fatalistic. Very strong.
motto : Always stay calm and see things through no matter how big a challenge gets.
70Moody : Gloomy. Garrulous.
motto : Don't fret about the future of magic.
71Friendly : Trusting. Sweet tooth.
motto : Always be more diplomatic with love.
72Moody : Irritable. Inquisitive.
motto : Don't let go of your values.
73Violent : Jealous. Very religious.
motto : Never dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source.
74Opinionated : Biased. Foolhardy.
motto : Always read more books.
75Sober : Practical. Diplomatic.
motto : Try to set a thief to catch a thief.
76Quiet : Secretive. Famous.
motto : Always make the punishment fit the crime.
77Na´ve : Hick. Neat.
motto : Learn to walk before you run.
78Moody : Irritable. Narrow-minded.
motto : Try to be wary of the life empty of ambitions.
79Arrogant : Aloof. Happy.
motto : Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
80Sober : Level-headed. Dreamy.
motto : Try to listen to that nagging inner voice.
81Curious : Perceptive. Trusting.
motto : Do what you want instead of what you should.
82Curious : Inquisitive. Driven.
motto : Try to make decisions in concert with your values.
83Arrogant : Proud. Easy-going.
motto : Try to think twice before you accept the lowest bid.
84Moody : Irritable. Mischievous.
motto : Never confuse foolishness with bravery.
85Courage : Craven. Rude.
motto : Those who hesitate are lost.
86Exacting : Punctual. Barbaric.
motto : If you don't make mistakes you don't make anything.
87Quiet : Retiring. Licks lips.
motto : A single event can have infinitely many interpretations.
88Violent : Cruel. Very hairy.
motto : Never ignore evil.
89Friendly : Kind-hearted. Sweet smelling.
motto : Never cut corners.
90Quiet : Soft-spoken. Barbaric.
motto : Never think that waiting will make your obstacles grow smaller.
91Arrogant : Rude. Wastrel.
motto : Always expect a sudden change in plans.
92Capricious : Madcap. Clumsy.
motto : Don't cut corners.
93Greedy : Covetous. Hot-tempered.
motto : Don't take what you can't use.
94Moody : Irritable. Has a prominent scar on hand..
motto : Think twice before you accept the lowest bid.
95Capricious : Mischievous. Vegetarian.
motto : Always listen to that nagging inner voice.
96Opinionated : Bigoted. Exaggerates everything.
motto : Set your sights higher prayer and in your magic.
97Curious : Inquisitive. Heavily tattooed.
motto : Win without boasting.
98Friendly : Trusting. Laconic.
motto : The Gods help those that help themselves.
99Curious : Keen. Eats bugs.
motto : Throw pearls before swine.
100Moody : Morose. Haughty.
motto : Always win without boasting.
101Quiet : Laconic. Happy.
motto : Don't be too proud to ask for help.